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Channel 2020 by Everything Is Terrible

Everything is Terrible is one of the websites that you find yourself going back to week after week.  Their videos are a hypnotic chunks of awfulness made digestible by snappy editing and a peculiar choice of content.  That’s why I was very excited to learn that some of the guys behind the site are teaming up to launch a new program and are using Kickstarter to find their start up funds.  We quickly gave them a hundred smackaroos and Co-creators Aaron Maier and Nick Moore along with their art director and puppet designer David Krofta spilled the beans on the truth behind our upcoming reptilian overlord fate.

So where did the idea come from?  Did you get any feedback from the reptilian overlords themselves?

Aaron Maier: The idea to create Channel 2020 was born out of our desire to make an cable access show to run on Chicago TV. We wanted to poke fun at modernity and critique the culture we see around us that is equally intent upon selling bottled water as poisoning it. It never seemed as interesting to just talk about politics or social issues directly - so we opted for dystopian fiction as our vehicle. I was reading a great deal about HAARP and Flouride in the tap water, and Fracking, etc., etc, and wanted to process my feelings of anger and disillusionment in the form of a comedy. No - the reptilians have not contacted us yet about the project yet - I am sure that they have their hands full with the elections and will get around to dealing with us after the first of November.

Nick Moore: We have been fascinated with Truth seekers, end times cults and doomsday prophecies for quite a while so we wanted to put together a show where every conspiracy theory is true.  Then we combined that with our love of puppets, robots and media satire and Channel 2020 is the result. We have not had any direct contact with the overlords, but they have several ways of implanting subconscious thoughts through chemtrails and high fructose corn syrup.

What sort of distribution plans do you have with the finished product?  Where will it be seen?

AM: We are more focused on developing a funny show with meaningful stories with beautiful puppets and costumes than we are about the details of distribution at this point. As I mentioned, the series was originally conceived as a local cable access show, and it will likely air on Chicago public access when finished.  However, we are not making the show with a specific platform in mind. People consume most of their video diet online and on their phones, so I imagine Channel 2020 to be no exception.

NM: Our current plan is to release the first six episodes as a web series with a DVD release to follow. It will most likely be featured in next year’s Everything is Festival in Los Angeles as well. We will also be exploring options for possible television distribution but there’s been nothing concrete yet.

How important are puppets to comedy?

AM: Very important. Puppets and cartoons were incredibly instrumental in shaping my sense of what a comedy was as a kid. Hearing that intro theme to The Muppet Show meant something funny was about to happen on TV. I was also really into Captain Kangaroo and a local Cleveland kids host - Barnaby - who always featured puppets in their acts. Those simple gags and puppet bits shaped my sense of timing, and really helped to form my idea of funny. 

David Krofta: I think that puppets as vehicles for comedy are on a real upswing right now. I think the two main reasons that puppets work so well is that it’s an instant invite for the viewer into a world they can get. Even if it’s a scary or strange looking puppet, the format is very accessible for people, and I think it’s a great access point for this really strange world we are asking them to explore with us. The other thing that helps is that puppets are because puppets are inherently unreal they allow for an even greater suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer. The audience knows that what they are seeing is a joke that’s being acted out by a character that is both handmade object and actor. And that’s weird, and weird is always funny. 

What sort of important tips will watching the video give viewers on how to survive in the coming dark times? 

AM: Channel 2020 will have plenty of helpful tips for weathering life after the fall of modern civilization - like how to properly handle and prepare a radioactive kelp and make a house out of beer bottles!

DK: Viewers will learn how to speak to a reptile without being killed, how to carry out overlord’s bidding while covertly undercutting the overlord’s evil schemes, how to make a pipe bomb from Crystal Pepsi, how (not) to survive a nuclear blast, how to form a support group for people horrible disfigured by radioactive mutation, how (not) to manage a television station, 101 incendiary uses for Andy Capp’s Hot Fries, where to find gold/how to hoard it, how to atomize gold for use as an atmospheric solar shield, how to generate funds from other peoples’ inherent unquenchable thirst for self-loathing and crippling social awkwardness…. 

NM: The most important thing is to obey the reptilian overlords and prove your worth to them. Don’t be a troublemaker.

Cold blooded and hot blooded living and working together is one of the dreams of man/reptile kind.  Will this video help to achieve that goal?

NM: Yes, by providing diversions for the masses, they become docile and more susceptible to the reptilian agenda, preserving the status quo. It’s fun for the whole family.

AM: The reptilians understand the needs of humans - to love and to be loved - but are only able to express that understanding in the form of consumer products - see Sweetest’s Day. I certainly see the reptiles living and working in our midst, but the fundamental relationship between our peoples is not about to change any time soon.

DK: This video will show that indeed we can all live happily on this planet together, without war or suffering, provided there is one singular benevolent dictatorship making the hard choices for everyone, and provided that all rules and posted regulations are followed out- to the letter, then reptilekind and humankind can, of course live simultaneously.

Thanks guys and I urge all our readers to head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge to Channel 2020 today!


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