GMD Studios Kickstarter Spotlight

We love to find and fund exceptional projects on Kickstarter. Check back each week to see who we have discovered!

The Butterflies of Memory by Kathleen Griffin

Roosevelt Island is one of those lesser known gems of NYC.  Rising out of the Eat River it’s had a rich and turbulent history that has included a notorious insane asylum and a small pox hospital that is little more than ruins now.  In recent years it’s undergone a significant transformation and is now a beautiful, family centered neighborhood.

Artist Kathleen Griffin was captivated by the hospital ruins and is using Kickstarter to raise funds so she can create a sculptural piece that not only honors the island’s past but also gives NYC a wonderful new piece of public art.  We donated $100 to the cause and she took the time to answer a few of our questions.

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UNWOUND - by Michael Marabella

At GMD, we’ve always loved artifacts.  Objects that offer mysterious clues to a stranger’s life story are especially fun to decipher.  When I was young, I sent dozens of cassette tape “letters” to my grandparents back home, and if anyone found those in a dusty pile somewhere, they must have wondered what that crazy, rambling kid was all about.  In  UNWOUND, Michael Marabella didn’t just wonder about the person behind his artifact, he investigated — even obsessed — over the life of a mystery girl until he discovered the shocking truth.  He is turning his findings into a film, and an interactive project that explores the meaning of memories and the things we leave behind.

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ATOMS Express Toys by Seamless Toy Co.

By this point it should come as no surprise that we’re big kids at heart here at GMD Studios, so when we stumbled across Michael Rosenblatt’s latest creation that uses customizable, interactive toys to help kids of all ages learn more about science and technology, we had to make ATMOS Express Toys this week’s spotlight. 

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The Bright Eyes Kit - Daniel Hirschmann

Marrying three of our favorite things (education, technology, DIY), the Bright Eyes LED Kit is an amazing jump into hacking the world of connected devices. We talked with artist, technologist and educator Daniel Hirschmann about his organization Technology Will Save Us, connected devices, and the “pre-skills” necessary in today’s world.

Head over to the project’s Kickstarter page to find out more and fund this great kit!

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SIA Scotch Whiskey by Carin Castillo

It’s no secret that several members of the GMD team consider themselves to be food and wine connoisseurs.  So when we chanced upon Carin Castillo’s Kickstarter for her own brand of scotch we were very intrigued.  Read on to learn more about Carin’s vision for her brand and discover why we made her this week’s Spotlight!

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Recreating my lost fantasy art by Jeff Dee

Dungeons and Dragons played a large part of my childhood growing up and I often say it’s part of the reason I’ve had a modicum of success in transmedia.   The game company itself has changed owners a few times and some of the great artwork that made up the rulebooks, magazines, and modules has gotten misplaced or even destroyed.  Jeff Dee was one of the artists who had his originals lost in the shuffle so when I saw that he was recreating some of his iconic art, and using Kickstarter to connect fans with the process, I knew I had to get an interview.  Jeff was kind enough to answer my questions and we paid back his words with a $100 pledge. -brian cain

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Channel 2020 by Everything Is Terrible

Everything is Terrible is one of the websites that you find yourself going back to week after week.  Their videos are a hypnotic chunks of awfulness made digestible by snappy editing and a peculiar choice of content.  That’s why I was very excited to learn that some of the guys behind the site are teaming up to launch a new program and are using Kickstarter to find their start up funds.  We quickly gave them a hundred smackaroos and Co-creators Aaron Maier and Nick Moore along with their art director and puppet designer David Krofta spilled the beans on the truth behind our upcoming reptilian overlord fate.

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Tiggly by Steve Miller

Here at GMD we’ve always been big fans of education.  That’s why we were excited to find some guys this week using Kickstarter to help rethink how kids interact with not only technology but also the world around them.  The result is Tiggly, a fascinating blend of hands on and high tech and quite possible a peek into where early childhood education is headed. We were lucky enough to talk to co-creator Phyl Georgiou about how the idea came to be.

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Moreau Horrors by Jess Wilson

This week’s Spotlight is all about the amazing puppet action going on at the Saints and Poets Production Company up in Burlington Vermont.  They’re currently raising funds to put on The Moreau Horrors, the first play that combines the sci-fi attitude of H.G. Wells with the felt loving heart of JIm Henson!  We got co-founder Jess Wilson to give us the low down on the plan to make this mash up happen.

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Urban Zombie by Studio 2511

Long (or even short) term friends of GMD knows that when it comes to all things zombie, we’re huge fans.  And unless you’ve been surviving in an isolated cabin these past few months you’ve probably noticed that zombie culture is on overload these days. Some of it’s awesome, other stuff…not so much.  That’s why it was so great to find a really innovative zombie idea on Kickstarter this week to fund.  Urban Zombie is the first app to take the idea of a zombie invasion to such a rich and immersive level and I can not wait to play this game.  Creator Justin Leger was kind enough to answer a few questions about his project.

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